“How can I crack my forgotten Windows 7 password?” My friend Joy wants to know if there’s a way to get back in her locked Windows 7 password. If you have the same problem, the following information will do you a favor.

Step 1. Check out whether Caps Lock is off . If the Caps Lock is off, try to get back your Windows 7 password by thinking back to the day you created the password and walk yourself through the process, or asking yourself the following questions:

What are the passwords I normally use ?
What was I obsessed with when I created the password?
What are some “key words” in what I are trying to get into?
What are some of my favorite colors, animals, foods, sports?
What was I thinking about when I created the password?

Step 2. No luck with the first tip, don’t worry, go ahead. An easy way will show you how to fully reset windows 7 password without losing any data. That’s to try to create a bootable Windows 7 password recovery USB through Windows Password Breaker. With this method, you don’t need to be skillful in windows operation. After downloading and installing Windows Password Breaker in a PC that you can run as administrator, launch it and then follow the steps listed below.

Insert a USB flash drive >> Select to create a bootable USB >> Select your target device >> Click Burn button to start burning >> Click OK when the burning task is completed. Now a Windows 7 password reset USB is created .The whole process will cost you no more than 1 minute.

Note: Please back up your USB data at first, or else it will erase the data during burning.

Step 3. When the bootable password reset USB is created, insert it in your locked computer. Start the computer and immediately press F2, Delete, F10 or other keys to enter BIOS menu when you see a message that “press … to enter SETUP” during booting. Next you can set the USB as the first boot device, and then save and exit BIOS. Your computer will restart computer.

Step 4. When the compute starts with the changed BIOS, you’ll see Windows Password Breaker under DOS. Then you can follow its instructions to reset the forgotten Windows 7 password in 1-2 minutes.

Windows Password Breaker is an easy yet powerful Windows password reset tool for all popular Windows platforms. Instead of recovering your lost password, it will enable you to reset the forgotten Windows password in an easy, safe and quick manner.