Q: How do you reset a computer password from the login screen?
Some of the keys on our laptop don’t work so we can’t log in to it. Is there a way to reset or remove the password without going further than the login screen? We don’t mind resetting the computer or losing information or anything.

Creating a login password for the Windows operating system is an effective and recommended security feature to protect valuable files. This password allows computer access only to those users who correctly authenticate themselves.

However, when users themselves forget Windows passwords, they are unable to log in to Windows and are locked out of accessing any of the computer’s hard drives or programs. With Windows XP, there is a way to recover your password without reinstalling the entire operating system.

Solution 1: reset your computer login password in Safe Mode

1. Reboot the computer and press “F8” before the Windows screen initializes. A boot option menu will appear. Select “Safe Mode” from the list of boot options and press “Enter.” Allow Windows to boot up automatically.

2. Log in as the Administrator and click “Yes” when the message to continue in Safe mode appears. The graphics may look less defined in Safe Mode.

3. Click on the “Start” menu button, select “Control Panel,” then switch to Classic View. Click on the “Users” icon. Select the user account whose password you forgot and need to change. Select “Remove Password.” Type in the new password, confirm it and click “OK.”

4. Reboot the device and allow Windows to boot up normally. Now you can log in to your account without entering a password.

Solution 2: Reset your computer login password with Windows Password Breaker

Windows Password Breaker is an easy-to-use yet powerful Windows password reset tool. It enables you to instantly reset any forgotten Windows password for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000, regardless of your computer brand and model. What’s more, its password reset rate is 100%. So whenever you forgot Windows password, you can opt for this powerful Windows password breaker software.