If you forgot Windows 7 password and got locked out of your computer, you can not only resort to a password reset disk, but also use some useful Windows 7 commands to reset it. Followings are simple guides on how to get back into your Windows 7 forgotten password account.

Windows 7 Password Reset Disk
If you have got a Windows 7 password reset disk, you can easily reset your password and you can create a password reset disk to reset Windows password as follows.

1. Enter Create a password reset disk in the Start search box

2. Press Enter to pop up the Forgotten Password Wizard.

3. Insert a USB flash drive and click Next on the Forgotten Password Wizard.

4. Select the right device store the password information of the use account which you are logged on.

5. Enter the current user account password

6. Wait while wizard creates the password reset disk. Click Next when it 100% finishes and click Finish to exit.

Lusrmgr.msc is a helpful command if you forgot Windows 7 password. When you press Enter after entering lusrmgr.msc in the Start search box, it will pop up the Local Users and Groups screen. Double-click the Users folder to view all users on the Windows 7 machine. Then you can easily reset a forgotten Windows 7 password by right-clicking its user name to select Set Password.

Note: You can also enter the Local Users and Groups by clicking Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > System Tools > Local Users and Groups

Windows Password Recovery Software
Please note when you forgot Windows password and cannot access computer again, the commands will now work for you. At that time, you may restore to Windows password recovery software, which is the best solution for your situation (Of course, you can also use a password reset disk if you have or reinstall computer if nothing important on Windows 7).

Here we strongly suggest you try Windows Password Breaker, which allows you to create a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive to remove lost, unknown or forgotten Windows 7 password.